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Moving to Caridon Young Living

At Caridon Young Living we recognise that young people moving into one of our homes may not have very much in terms of material possessions. We work hard to ensure that each person is made welcome and that they are encouraged to make their room a home as quickly as possible. To this end we supply each young person with:

A basic food starter pack

A complimentary personal starter pack including bedsheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, hangers and a clock, towel, dustbin and a laundry basket

A complimentary personal care pack including basic toiletries, sponge, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste.

Free Gym membership

A month’s free travel card

Home Cooked nutritious meal once a day (Provided by Caridon Young Living)

At Caridon Young Living we are keen to encourage young people to access education, employment and training. Were necessary we will provide stationary packs and access to cheap second hand clothing to ensure young people are equipped on their first day.

Upon acceptance, Caridon Young Living will pick up the young person where possible or the referring authority would make arrangement for the transportation of the young person to the placement. Staff will obtain copies of relevant paperwork and documentation supplied by the referring authority. The young person will be made to feel welcome and given information explaining the role of Caridon Young Living in supporting young people.

Each young person will be given a tour of the building, security and health and safety rules and an induction pack including the complaints procedures.

Each young person will be given information on the local area, including shops, places of religious worship, schools, colleges, community organisations, libraries, sport and other recreational activities.

All young people will be instructed in the use of appliances, and emergency procedures.

In the case of asylum-seeking young people, the use of interpreters may be necessary and permission from the referring authority would be sought for the use of language line. This may incur additional costs.