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Our Support Services

Personalise Support Plan

At Caridon Young Living we understand that every person is unique. Each person’s need is different and some young people may require more support than others.

We will assess the individual need of each young person and develop a personalised support plan in conjunction with the placing authority. An individual risk assessment will always be completed as part of the referral process with contribution from all parties. Our support plan is based on a robust assessment of each young person’s needs.

The assessment focuses on identifying the young person’s emotional, physical, social, educational and practical needs and how to meet these needs. We will work with each young person to achieve their potentials while celebrating each small step of success and cheering them on to a higher level of motivation and achievement.

Caridon Young Living offer a tiered support package starting with the basic support package which includes accommodation and 10 hours support. For young people requiring additional support we are able to offer additional support tailored to meet the specific needs of that young person which enhances the basic support already in place.

This could be in relation to substance misuse, mental health, sexual exploitation, offending behaviour, emotional support needs or self-harming tendencies. Prices are negotiated in accordance with the needs of the young person and the support to keep them and other residents safe.

Basic Support Package (10 hours)

Our basic support package includes the following delivered according to young people’s needs during 10 hours of support.


Pathway planning

Family contact

Independent / Self-Care Skills e.g. cooking, cleaning, use of public transport, laundry, money management, shopping etc.

Support with emotional health issues and self - harming behaviours

Offending behaviour

Education, training or employment

Support with physical and sexual health activities (sexual health, GP, dentist and optician)

Support with Social and recreational activities

Religious and cultural practices

Administering and supporting residents with their budgeting

Risk management around child sexual exploitation

Supervised spending

Risk assessment and safety planning

Allocated keyworker and regular key work sessions

Community based appointments e.g. solicitors, banks

Support with substance misuse (community based)

Risk management around gang violence and involvement.