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What to expect from us

Health, Education, Economic Wellbeing, Safety

Here’s what you can expect from Caridon Young Living.

Being Healthy

Each young person is registered with a GP, dentist and optician within the first week of placement.

Our staff uses a range of strategies to encourage and ensure young people attend regular routine health checks and complete their annual health assessment.

Our staff educates young people about sexual health, sexual relationships, the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy.

Our staff assists young people to understand the importance of healthy eating, observing special dietary needs and the dangers of eating disorders.

Our staff identifies and respond to early indicators of mental health issues such as self-neglect, self-harm and depression.

Our staff will provide information about the risks of smoking, alcohol and substance misuse.

Our Staff are competent and skilled to look for early signs of substance abuse, misuse and addiction and take timely and appropriate actions to address these.

Education: Enjoy and Achieve

Where English is not a young person’s first language, assistance is provided to access ESOL classes locally.

Staff encourage and support young people to engage in activities that help them to get work experience, learn work routines, apprenticeship and build up a CV for later on in life.

Caridon Young Living work in partnership with On Side Youth Zones to support young people in community integration and building life skills.

Caridon Young Living also partner with different education providers to ensure all young people are enrolled in some form of education or training if they are not in employment.

Enjoy Economic Wellbeing

Staff ensure that each young person has access to appropriate and reasonable resources to enable them to participate effectively in economic life. (i.e. transport/bus pass, weekly allowance and welfare benefits). All young people will receive a month’s free bus pass in order to not feel isolated when moving to the area.

Staff encourage young people to manage their own finances through help with budgeting, saving and banking.

Caridon Young Living provide all young people with free gym memberships

Stay Safe

Staff takes reasonable steps to ensure that young people who enter any employment, training or work experience do so in a safe and legal environment.

Staff regularly encourage young people through key working sessions to understand their rights  and responsibilities and how to raise concerns and complaints as well as how to access independent advocacy.

Staff follows the local Safeguarding Children Board and local authority’s multi- agency protocols for young people who go missing from care.

Behaviour management plans and risk management strategies are in place for each young person.

The director, in partnership with the placing authority do all they can to promote stability within the placement and avoid emergency placement breakdowns.

Staffs are proactive in requesting/convening stability meetings where required, to minimise the risk of irretrievable breakdown and disruption to continually care for young people.

Contributing positively

Staff will support each young person to complete a structured preparation for independence programme within 6-9 months of their placement preparing them to move on to independent living.

Staff supports our young people to engage in volunteering opportunities to enable them make a meaningful contribution to the community the live in thus improving their self- worth.

Our Staff are proactive in identifying opportunities for a young person to empower them to increase their experiences and employability through attending community activities and other personal development opportunities.