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Placement Process

All placement enquires can be made via telephone or the central email box:

A placement planning meeting will take place on or within 7 working days of placement. A written record of this meeting is to be made detailing the roles and responsibilities of all parties and anticipated outcomes of the placement and timescales for achieving these. At this time a risk assessment and management plan will be put in place and shared with the young persons social worker and personal advisor.

We operate a key work system which ensures every young person has a named staff member who would work closely with them and be their main contact. Keyworkers are matched with the young person and are supported through supervision to develop a nurturing and meaningful relationship with the young person whilst maintaining appropriate professional boundaries. Our close relationships with our young people enable us to engage them in discussing their behaviours before they escalate and help them to identify alternative strategies for expressing any negative feelings in a constructive manner, so aiding placement stability.

Structured key work sessions around independent living are tailored to the needs of each individual young person. Their key worker will support them in these activities, which are part of the “Stepping Forward to Independence’’ programme delivered by Caridon Young Living.